Robert Wiener 

Born in Washington, DC, Robert graduated from VA Tech and followed with 22 years in Financial Management. In 2002, he took his first kilnforming glass class. Two years and 22 fusing courses later, he bid farewell to the desk job and opened his own company, DC Art Glass ( Robert currently resides in Washington, DC, where he works in his own private art glass studio. 


The Colorbar Murrine Series was developed by Robert using the kilnformed, or fused glass technique. Here the art glass is cut and arranged in a cold state. Afterwards, the glass is placed in a kiln where it is carefully heated to a temperature that causes the glass to melt, or fuse together. 

The process involves creating "cane", or "colorbars" as Robert calls them. Each colorbar is then cut into several small pieces called "millefiori" or "murrine". The murrine are meticulously arranged by hand, then fired together to form the final piece. 

Robert designed the Colorbar Murrine Series as a sculptural collection which includes table pieces, wall panels and lighting in a variety of sizes. Some pieces contain up to 13 colors, over 1,000 individual handmade murrine and over 450 unique murrine designs. In fact, no two multi-color pieces are exactly the same. 

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