Miguel Perez Lam

My inspiration comes from the intimate connection that I always have with the natural world. The organic shapes inspire me to transform my own world and, likewise, transform the world into my own shapes. My work is intended to generate dialogue about issues I feel are integral to the process of creation and living life with open eyes. I always hope that my art will serve as a vehicle that invites the viewer to step back, take a deep breath, and reconnect with his/her own being.   

Born in Cordoba, Argentina.

Miguel imbues his art with balance, beauty and emotion. In his paintings, the soft equilibrium of his Asian studies converges with provocative and furious moods to create contemporary, hyper-realistic figures. He often employs antique painting techniques such as encaustic and gilding to achieve a beautiful chiaroscuro effect. As a photographer, Miguel is particularly intrigued with capturing scenes that he finds spontaneously, as they occur in their own natural light and setting, and imparting on them his own personal point of view.