Isabelle Spicer 

Like the French painter Pierre Bonnard, Isabelle Spicer grew up in Fontenay-Aux-Roses, located about a mile from Paris. Like him, she loves playing with colors, and thinks of draftsmanship as a necessary evil. 

After studying political science in Paris, she lived in Germany, Poland, and Belgium. She finally settled in Moscow, where she learned to paint with a Russian master, Valery Alexeyevitch Gierackievitch. 

Fascinated by urban landscapes, she sees the world through a filter of bright colors. She must have spent too much time studying Socialist realism at University, because her sky is always blue, her grass always green, and, hopefully, her artistic tomorrows all singing.

Isabelle Spicer is also working on commissions. Please contact her for more information.

She has been recently featured on Voice of America : and in the Washington Flyer :