Glenn Fry

As a child I loved coloring books and television cartoons. My enthusiasm for these stylized illustrations of people and objects was strong. Over the years I became immersed in art and developed skills in drawing, photography, and graphic design. These skills led to a career in advertising where I became very enthralled with print advertising and the psychology and messages in the ads. Eventually though, I left advertising and decided to pursue print making, specifically the medium of silk screening. This medium would allow me to combine all of my artistic skills and interests in a very unique and contemporary art form.

As an artist, we mirror back to the world what is happening around us-a form of communicating. Through my art, I try to evoke mental conversations between myself, the art and the viewer. I set the stage by creating an image and a phrase of words. These components combined help to nudge the viewer in a direction of thought and help lead to this mental and artistic dialogue. Much like life, sometimes the subject matter is light and fun while other times heavy and more serious. Sometimes the subject matter is quite obvious and other times more vague. However you relate to or interpret my art is up to you, the viewer, but one thing IS certain…it WILL make you think.

I am grateful to have been commissioned by The Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC in 2009, 2011 and 2014 to produce original artwork for their permanent collection. I am also grateful to have been commissioned by IBM in Herndon, VA in 2011 to produce original artwork for their permanent collection. My work has been featured on "The Real Housewives of DC" which aired in 2010 on Bravo as well as "The Real World DC" which aired in 2009 on MTV. Over the years, my art has also been displayed in many other various locations such as Gallery Plan B in Washington, DC and Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas, NV.

Please visit my website to learn more about my work.