Charlie Jones

Having traveled to more than 30 countries worldwide, Charlie Jones channels in his paintings inspirations derived from diverse cultures, customs, colors, and textures experienced through his travels. He paints with layers of vivid color combinations, energetic textures, and dynamic compositions rich with bold and subtle transitions, taking the viewer on an abstract journey. 

“I’ve been very fortunate to have seen so much of the world. In my paintings, I attempt to relive those experiences through the process of abstract expression while delving into the unknown of my subconscious, which will remain forever impacted by those travels and adventures.” 

In 2002, as an emerging artist, paintings from Jones’ debut exhibits quickly landed in homes in DC, VA, CA, NYC, London, and the United States Capitol Building. 

A resident of Washington, DC, Jones is an active community volunteer involved in corporate fundraising for area charities and has donated paintings for auction to HRC Events, Food & Friends, and The American Cancer Society’s Annual DC Gala and the United Nations Association. Studio located just one block from U Street at 14th and V. Please call or email for an appointment.