Brian Petro
1347 S Street, NW
The Black Door next to Capitol Valet
Washington DC 20009

Saturday, November 5th, 12-5:30pm
Sunday, November 6th, 12-5:30pm
I have difficulty standing still, sitting still, or even sleeping still. From abstract watercolors and beeswax on canvas and paper, images printed on bricks, to aggressive construct works, and tranquil still lifes, my work is a reflection of my inablity to stay focused. A 12 minute documentary about my work and philosphies can be viewed on YouTube at or by searching "Brian Petro Artist." An 8 Minute documentary short, can be viewed at or by searching "Brian Petro Found Objects," also on I have been creating artwork professionally for over 16 years, and my studio can be viewed as a mini-retrospective of my labors. In the studio, around town, traveling abroad, and into the wee hours of the morning... i need to create work. I never know where i will find inspiration,... but somehow i do. i welcome all interested people to my studio - all it takes is a phone call. ...we can always find a time to meet. best to you. brian 202.270.7352